Biokinetics is defined as the science of movement and the application of exercise in

rehabilitative treatment or performance. Biokinetics is the profession concerned with health promotion, the maintenance of physical abilities and final phase rehabilitation, by means of scientifically-based physical activity programme prescription. A Biokineticist is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

A Biokineticist is an exercise specialist who:• Improves a person’s physical wellbeing and quality of life

• Performs individualised scientific assessment and the prescription of exercise
• Evaluates & Measures:
    o body posture,
    o body composition,
    o blood pressure, Cholesterol, glucose levels,
    o fitness, muscle strength, endurance, power, flexibility & other health screenings.
• Assists in preventing and treating individuals with:


Health Promotion for General Population

• Assessment of health risk factors
• Provide intervention strategies
• Exercise Prescription for:
o Weight loss; General fitness; Muscle strengthening; Toning and definition

Orthopaedic Conditions

• Orthopaedic prevention and rehabilitation
• Exercise prescription for the rehabilitation of
o Back, neck, knee, shoulder, hip and ankle injuries and conditions.

Chronic Disease and Conditions

• Prevention and management of conditions such as
o heart disease, hypertension & high cholesterol
o diabetes                                           o Autoimmune deficiency diseases                  o Arthritis                                             o Osteoporosis
o pregnancy (pre and post natal)

Exercise Testing for Athletes

• Sport specific testing and training of an athlete’s endurance, speed, flexibility, agility, power, strength and reaction times.
• Rehabilitation of sport injuries.
• Sport specific training for full potential such as Comrades, Ironman, 94.7, Cape Argus



It is our goal to deliver and empower the individual with the knowledge of their health and physical abilities, and to guide them into an educated and individualised rehabilitative process of achieving their optimal health and wellness through exercise therapy. Our practice will achieve this empowerment and education through the use of technology and personal touch.

The ultimate vision of our practice is to be the practice that cares enough to make a permanent difference in someone’s life, by going that ‘extra mile ‘, focussing on a personal touch, a safe environment and a commitment to our clients/patients.